Mission and goal of our school has always been to:

  • To develop students and work force to their highest standard with understanding of hygiene and sanitation.
  • Identifying safety awareness through training.
  • Making students aware of cultural sensitivity regarding different ethnic groups in a working and academic environment.
  • Build and maintain team work for effective and efficient work flow.
  • Identifying care for customers through anticipation of need, attention to detail, while maintaining high level of service.
  • Developing leadership quality through various constructive debate and presentation to identify strength and weakness of an individual.
  • To have an understanding of competitive environment by creating an effective vocational and through training.

100% Job Placement Overseas and Offers Internship Overseas like as CHINA, SINGAPORE,THAILAND, MAURITIUS

  • Our Features
    Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching faculties. Visiting professors, scholars and experts from various Universities and institutions. Both practical and theoretical...
  • Well-Equipped Practical Labs
    A fully operational kitchen with individual workstations. All products and equipment for other housekeeping related training are available. Well equipped restaurant...
  • Internship Overseas
    To get the real life experience for the student, We assist all our students for internship, which can be...