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Diploma in Culinary Arts - 800 Hours

Since 2014 we have been offering Diploma in Culinary Arts(Formally known as Certificate II in Culinary Arts) programme in Affiliation with  CTEVT, OTHM & SWISS CONTACT. This 800 Credit hours intensive  cookery programme is proven to be effective for employment at 5 star hotels and restaurants. Our graduates are getting quick promotion because of the knowledge and skill they acquired from ACE.


  • Willing to work in food production industry.
  • Those wanting to get employment or migration visa opportunity to Australia, Canada, American/European Cruise ships after having 4-6 years of working experience in middle East countries.


  • L.C. Graduates or above (from any stream)
  • Should be through with ACE entrance test and interview.
  • Must be willing to study and work hard.
  • Must have Nepali Citizenship and passport pp size 4 copy photo.

Course Outline :-

L-1 – English for Culinary Arts.
L-2 – Meterial Management for Hotel kitchen
L-3 – Principles of cookery methods
L-4 – Preparation and cooking of stock, soups and sauces
L-5 – Preparation of vegetables, fruits, eggs and farinaceous dishes

L-6 – Preparation of Entrees and Salads
L-7 – Preparation and Cooking Poultry
L-8 – Preparation and Cooking Seafood
L-9 – Preparation and Cooking Meat

L-10 – Presentation of food
L-11 – Food safety in the Workplace
L-12 – Hygiene in the Workplace
L-13 – Occupational, Health and safety in the Workplace
L-14 – Kitchen cleaning and Maintenance
L-15 – Storage and receival of kitchen supplies

L-16 – Menu planning, Development and Implementation
L-17 – Work in a team
L-18 – Training and team Development
l-19 – Hospitality in a socially diverse environment
L-20 – Provides customer service
L-21 – Deal with conflict situations

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